Cooperation with BRIG


Brig is a tiny multidisciplinary design studio based in Brussels, focused on creative graphic & web design, identity and typography.

Sharing the same neighbourhood and love for Brussels, Brig and Elvabags decided on joining forces. The first cooperation is a messenger bag specifically designed for Brig and featuring the graphical design elements typical for Brig.. the carefully crafted bag has Brigs logo cut-out in selected quality leather pieces and demonstrates a color palette created by Brig.

Have a look yourself and decide on the result:

How did Brig start out?

My agency work became essentially technical, more focused on web development and process analysis, I felt the desire for a return to graphic design. From a blank sheet of paper, think about a visual identity for a company or a freelancer, get started in graphic research for a book, … for me, it is in this process that lies the essence of my work. graphic designer. Juggling with shapes and colors or looking for the most appropriate typography, it’s so exhilarating! After reorganizing my schedule and setting up, the opportunities presented themselves to me in a natural way via my network of knowledge. And that is how Brig was put on the rails!



What is the typical Brig design experience?

For me, a successful collaboration requires getting to know the person or organization with whom we will work. Expectations and needs are most often part of the demand that is formulated, but it is also important to know the values ​​that drive people, and to discover their visual affinities. This is a good way to establish an initial briefing that will guide the realization of a job in which the client will meet. As it is not always easy to speak about the visual, the use of a mood-board will be useful to explore different possible graphic universes. Once you know what the customer likes and dislikes, there is a period of reflection and impregnation on my side. Inspiration comes from everything around us. It is necessary to have the senses awake and soak up various experiences.Then comes the “passage to the act”, where we translate all that graphically. This is surely the most exciting moment!We then compare the creation with the customer’s point of view, and we make it evolve, we fine-tune it.
What would be your ideal project?

I had very nice projects last year, so I do not intend to stop there. One of the most motivating projects was working with my piano teacher. He regularly organizes concerts to confront the public and bring music to life. I took care of all his graphic communication. This project allowed me to mix two passions: music and graphics. So I have the idea to contact other musicians or groups to reiterate the musicographic experience. There are many things to experiment in this context. During my studies I worked a lot on the sound representation on paper. The scores of some contemporary composers are graphical wonders and real sources of inspiration. This possibility of working around music I like a lot. But from the moment that we work with passionate people – no matter the sector – we arrive at beautiful results and the road traveled together is fulfilling and rewarding!

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