About Elva Bags


Each Elva Bag is uniquely designed, handmade and inspired by the colours of urban life & textures of nature.

All Elva Bags are born in the south of Brussels, the studio is located in the neighbourhood of Altitude 100. The amazing city of Brussels inspires. Its lively and diverse neighbourhoods bring along the energy and ideas for new bags every day.

All Elvabags are made handmade, one by one. All are differently inspired, different materials, different colours, different designs, different finishings,.. Each Elvabag is different from any other. Made with love, for you.

I like it trendy, simple, colourful… and sustainable. Locally made, local fabrics, .. In every bag recycled is present. I reuse vintage curtains, 2nd hand clothing, furniture fabrics, leftovers from fabric stores, and many more… It makes that all my items vary in design. I don’t have a large stock of fabrics, but just use what’s available at the moment.

As I care about the environment and the impact we have on it, I also dedicate some articles about sustainability in my blog on this website. In this way I share insights and tips with you on sustainability.  Subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you want to be up-to-date.. !



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